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Photo: Laser-Doppler-Velocimetry for flow measurement at PTB

Workshop: Flow and heat measurement at high temperatures

Industrial need and practice

Due to the pandemic the meeting on March 23/24, 2021 was held online, organised by PTB in Berlin, Germany.


Recent measurements in high heated water circuits with medium temperatures above 90 °C with heat meter’s flow sensors are characterized to the state-of-the-art with inadequate knowledge of their performances and stabilities.

Recent practice in execution of conformity assessments are estimations of the specific behaviour of the instrument’s accuracy with respect to measuring results on basis of the standardized EN 1434 medium temperatures at test points on 20 °C, 50 °C and 85 °C. At higher medium temperatures with e.g. 120 °C, calculations of measuring deviations and stabilities are only founded on extrapolations of the specific error curve via the tested temperature points.     

For confidence of the correctness and stability of the flow sensor’s capacities at higher medium temperatures, new test rigs and technologies are necessary and shall also be achieved during research and development for manufacturing, user applications and conformity assessments. The process industry, which measures various fluids at high temperatures, could also benefit from such test systems.

Abstracts and lectures

Please, note that the conference language was German. To see the invited and contributed talks, please, refer to the German website "Vorträge".